An underground angel

I am floating in glassy dark cool water that stretches into darkness, in what seems like a giant cavern. The only light here emanates from a giant towering winged beast of pure white energy a thousand metres wide and two thousand tall.  It gently rises and falls in tandem with it’s own breath.  Gentle warm wind blows, with wisps of smoke that smell of burning frankincense, and steam whipping outwards in large slow vortexes and curls, as it exhales.

There is diffuse light and scattered crepuscular rays splayed out in random directions, illuminating fissures in the cavernous rocks, light turning to shadow with angular precision.  The beast stares at me and I stare at the beast.  It has no face, just a general form with wings. I regard it with awe, and it senses me with curiosity. Acid rain falls all around me and causes great gouts of steam to billow and hiss from the hovering creature.

What is this effigy, and why am I here with it?  I fell through the soil to this place one night, its coolness turning to warmth as I slipped further and further into the bowels of the planet. I cannot get out.  I seem to be trapped here with it yet I do not panic, I simply feel calm, there is no malice here.