A hot shower on a cold day

I awake and greet a clear and alert head with great gratitude.  It’s noticeably cooler today, and to me this is welcome because:  It means I take a hot shower. On cold days they are truly soothing, but you have to wake up cold!

Out to the supermarket before the crowds to grab a freshly baked sun dried tomato loaf, then back home with the spoils of the supermarket foraging session.  The morning is spent eating buttered tomato bread and boiled duck eggs, with a fresh pot of dusky black coffee. The great British weather is living up to its reputation.  It could go one way or the other as great tears of sunshine glow through grey blankets of cloud.

The yolk from a good egg is not yellow, but deep ochre, and they are almost always free range, meaning lots of omega 3, which many of us neglect with our high grain diets.  Duck eggs have especially rich yolks and are great for home made custard.  They come into their own when boiled and coupled with the good fresh bread and rich salted & grass fed butter.  We are so lucky in this country to have such a rich farming heritage, and that many of our cows are treated with the respect that all living things deserve, and are allowed to roam free and eat grass.

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