An enclosed garden of miniature pyramids

I’m exploring through an epic realm of enclosed red sunlight, in vast underground Egyptian chambers.  I arrive in the first chamber, and there is a small 3 metre pryamid with a giant eye carved deep into it’s surface, weird unidentifiable vines with large white flowers, turned pink by the red sunlight creep up the walls of the chamber, anchoring themselves to cracks in the runework.  Grasses and wildflowers grow out of the stone floor.  As I walk to the pyramid I notice that in the distance there is a corridor to another cavern.  I amble toward it, obligingly it opens up into a second, larger, duskier chamber with green laser light shining in all directions, again there is a mini pyramid in the centre of this chamber, again with an eye carved meticulously into the middle. Just as I enter the larger second chamber, I am somehow transported to a hillside, now somewhere out in the open. A single dark black tree looms, silhouetted in the red sunset.  The dream ends.

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